The Woman Behind the Coach - A mini-series: Rachel Tate, The Pageant Coaching Academy

Updated: Apr 12

The Woman Behind the Coach - A mini-series: Rachel Tate, The Pageant Coaching Academy

How did you pick your coaches and whilst preparing for internationals, did you get a coach/what made you pick them?

I have had numerous sources of support later in my pageant journey but found at the start of my pageant journey in 2008 that there was little support in the UK in terms of pageant coaching.

Later in my journey I was able to have support in the form of guidance from my national directors for Miss European, Miss Galaxy, Miss Supranational, Miss Wales. However there was no pageant coaching services in the UK and I very much had to find my own way - quickly learning by trial and error along my path to success.

Later in my journey I was able to have support and mentorship from a trainer in Peru. I also had support of Maria Torres (Galaxy International director) and attended the infamous Binibining Filipino Pageant camp based in the Philippines, where I underwent a training (famous for training Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach)!

Whilst competing, what did you look for in a coach?

I looked for people (in business and pageantry) who have credibility, qualifications and a track record. Most of all they need to know what they are actually doing - not just call themselves a ‘coach’ for the heck of it and not have a clue what it means or how to deliver that in practice. I also wanted people who had walked on the path I wanted to tread.

I had support from other sources outside of pageantry such as successful business owners, coaches for FTSE 500 businesses in Europe Middle East and Africa who championed and mentored my aims through their capacity and resources.

What makes for a good coach?

A good coach instantaneously discovers, identifies and can recognise the needs of the client as they arise and is able to scope areas of improvement through meaningful and deep conversations.

Their work should speak for itself. For example: Have they got credentials? A track record of results? A solid set of relevant qualifications? AND the big question: How many of their clients have actually won their pageant? Let’s face it- clients are not paying for much else - they want to be at the pinnacle of their potential come the day of their pageant and ready to perform to WIN - not just have a good time.

A good coach will have themselves a string of successes both personally and professionally in the industry, through numerous systems.

They will have demonstrated their own success and excellence as well as emulate success through their client’s journeys too.

The Woman Behind the Coach - A mini-series: Rachel Tate, The Pageant Coaching Academy

What made you want to become a coach?

I could see a lack of professional support for UK based pageant contestants, I therefore decided to build professional services to offer the pageant community within the UK and give it what it desperately lacked.

I knew my success in my career and pageants (placing or winning at every pageant including internationals) had lead me to be in a position where I could amalgamate everything I knew, for a blended approach when supporting others.

I pride myself on skills of professionalism, ethics and 14 years of practical hands on experience of 1:1 work with clients. My passion for helping others, together with my formal qualifications and background have made me successful at what I do, but I must admit - I have a massive soft spot for my work, so much so that I find it hard to see it as actual ‘work’!

My aim is to be a contributor to the elevation of the United Kingdom in becoming a pageant ‘power house’ - and giving the other country’s delegates a run for their money at internationals!

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