Pageant Appearances In Blogs

Featuring in blogs has been a brilliant appearance opportunity for a while, but even more so now with our restricted access to events due to COVID-19. Easily completed from the comfort of your own sofa, there are so many opportunities to spread the message about what you are doing. Whether you want to focus more on your platform, your charity work or just that you are competing in the first place there are so many options.

Guest blogging comes in many forms, but first, you need to find where to submit your interest. The first stop is pageant blogs. For example, we feature guest blogs from queens, contestants and pageant experts. Hunt out some pageant blogs and check out if they allow you to submit. Some might ask you to submit your piece before they will accept you, while others might interview you on the phone. Pageant Land makes life super easy. We have a clickable link (which I will share below) for queens and a different one for contestants. You then you fill out your answers and we complete the blog for you.

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Try to have a look at some previous examples on the blog before you submit. The great things about guest bloggers is you get to hear other voices in the blog, but you still want to make sure what you are submitting is appropriate. Try and write in full sentences and ask someone else to proofread it before you hit send. Some blogs don't have the time to proofread, so your answers may go up exactly as you submit them. I like to use to double-check mine. But don't panic too much, done is better than nothing at all. Make sure you fill out your answers to paint a full picture of what you are talking about. The last time I checked 1000 to 1500 words was the blog happy place. But do ask the blog what their prefered length is.

You don't just have to submit to pageant blogs. Think about the other topics that crossover with your story. Were you bullied and turned to pageants for confidence? Then why not submit to some anti-bullying blogs. Maybe your platform is women's rights.. I'm sure you would find plenty of blogs interested in speaking to you. Perhaps the charity you support has a blog. Think outside the box and then hit google for some options.

Don't forget the photos. As before, check the previous posts for an idea on what photos to include. It's always safe to provide more options than needed. What size and format do they need them in, do they need to be professional. For the Pageant Land Podcast, guests have to provide an image that can be cropped into a square. Check if they can offer photo credit. For example, the headshot for podcast guests can't require a photo credit or have a watermark/logo on it, because of how we use it. But on our guest blogs, we have space to credit photos and even tag the photographer if a link is provided. Make sure you send the correct links for the photographer where needed. If you want to get yourself some bonus points then name your images well. Don't submit an image with a name 3436272.jpeg when you could send katiesmith.jpeg instead. Not only does this make life easy for the blogger posting it, but the internet does magical things and can find your image when people search for your name which increases traffic to the blog. Some blogs will require professional images and that can be extra tricky right now. You may find that some clever editing for a professional on a home taken image might be enough, so it's worth asking. Do not submit images with crazy filters that make you look unrealistic or have butterflies flying out of your head. Submitting the wrong images can make or break if a busy blogger gets round to sharing your post so read all the request details and ask the right questions to improve your chases.

Don't forget to follow up. At the time of submitting ask to be told if it is approved and how fast posts usually go up. They may even give you a date so you can post telling people to watch out for it. Never just submit a blog and leave it there. That's only half the job. Once it has gone live share it across your social media a fair few times and on different platforms. Your friends, family and followers are unlike to spot it if you only share it once, so keep sharing it. Tag the blog in it on social media and talk about how great it was to be featured. This not only helps you and blogger, but it can often lead to offers from other bloggers, vloggers and podcasters.

And lastly don't forget to take some screenshots of where you have been featured to include in your appearance folder. It will depend on your system as to whether you receive points for blog appearances, but it's great to keep a record of them and also great to enation in your interview too.

Don't forget to submit you Queen Blogs by clicking here and your Contestant Blogs by clicking here. If you are a pageant expert, please email us directly by clicking here.

Written By Jessica Barclay