New year, New outlook: Lets get our Pageant-on!

New Year, New Outlook

I’ll be honest... I’ve put off writing this blog, cause let’s face it, this year has been an almighty disaster.

Don’t worry. As the title suggests.. we will be getting our Pageant-On but I feel like this needs to be said.

In March I stepped off the Galaxy stage on a high, only to lose my job a day later and be locked down a further 2 days later.. As a result, I have spent a large portion of this year wallowing in self pity (name the reference), feeling sorry for myself and asking “why me?”. I feel like this is echoed in a lot of people's lives.

On New Years Eve, I will, somewhat proudly, say I was in bed by 7.30pm with a Chinese Takeaway and asleep long before the chimes of Auld Lang Syne; It just didn’t seem worth it to me. What is there to celebrate?! The prospect of a “New Year” did not excite me as it had in years prior to this one. It did not fill me with hope as it should have. And it certainly didn't spark any empty promises under the guise of ‘New Years Resolutions’.

HOWEVER, It has sparked a reflection.

There are things that I accomplished this year and there are things I am grateful for regardless of the circumstances involved. If you don’t mind, I would like to bullet point a few that sprung to mind.

  • It took a long time but I managed to secure a steady job in a time when others may be closing their businesses. (Thank you Pageant Interview Prep)

  • I am fortunate to have not lost anyone close to me during this pandemic, my friends and family have all remained safe. Something I am truly thankful for.

  • My partner and I have moved back to my Dads so we can begin saving to buy our first home, something we would not have considered without the pandemic. This has also afforded us the opportunity to begin clearing debts that we were unable to touch whilst renting our old house and were preventing us from moving forward; a MASSIVE anxiety point for me.

  • I am grateful for the time off, even if it was thrust upon us by Boris, to reconnect with family and friends and re-centre myself following months of working two jobs AND competing in Miss Galaxy UK. I had unknowingly made myself ill and this time was a god send.

  • The long walks in fresh air I have been able to do with my beautiful doggo, have provided me with clarity and time to think about what the future has in store for me.

We have all had a tremendously trying year and on this reflection, we SHOULD all be proud that we have made it through to a new and hopeful (**touches wood**) beginning.

Let’s think about what we can do in a new year of Pageantry!

1 - Get positive

I invite everyone to take a minute to come up with 5 things they are truly grateful for. It is time to hit that reset button

You may need to do this a few times in the year, but that's ok.

2 - Project your plan

Project this new positivity by deciding on 5, achievable, aspirations for the next year. WRITE THEM DOWN!

This is also the time to consider any training you may want/need. Do you need to think about a pageant coach? Do you need to start researching into gown designers?

Get organised

3 - Set it in stone

Now I don’t mean literally. Get a Calendar, Diary, Pageant Bible or make a Vision Board.

Immediately put in your Finals date and start your countdown!

4 - Map it out

Look for any events you might want to go to when we are able to. Are there any online pageants, photo competitions, charity collections or online campaigns you could take part in? Map these out in your Calendar/Diary/Bible/Board and don‘t get yourself down if they don’t happen or are moved.

Don’t forget about any training days or outfit fittings! If your brain is anything like mine, you will forget EVERYTHING!

This is also a great time to start making your packing lists (it is NEVER too early!). Do you need new luggage? Are you low on eyelash glue? Have you completely forgotten to organise your interview-wear?! This will give you a jump-start on getting organised and plenty of time to make arrangements

5 - Get creative

Time to think of your own projects. Brainstorm ideas. Utilise what you have available to you and use your skills to your advantage. Do you have a sponsor who can help you? Can you create an awareness campaign for a specific day in the year? Don’t think that you have to throw yourself in at the deep end. Remember the biggest ripples start with the smallest splash.

6 - Stick to it

Your timeline will move and your journey may change but the important thing is to stick to it and believe that your hard work will pay off.

7 - Track your progress

Are there certain points in your year that you want to hit a certain amount of appearances or a goal for fundraising? Make a note of these in your diary and remember to keep updating your progress.

Do you need an appearance folder? Update it as you go. Trust me, there is nothing more stress inducing than staying up to the small hours the night before you travel to pageant land scrabbling your appearance folder together.

In an ideal world, add each appearance to your folder as you do them. They will be in order and you wont have missed a single one! If you can add them as you go along, that's great, but if not, why not set aside an hour or two every-other week or once a month to work on your appearance book?

8 - Listen to what your body tells you

We all have days where we can’t keep going and that’s ok. If you need a day or a week where you turn off social media and take time out for yourself, then do it. Listen to your body and when you are ready, look back at those 5 things you were grateful for last year and the 5 things you hope for 2021 and get back to it!

9 - Enjoy it

A Beauty Pageant may be a Competition but it is still a hobby. Enjoy the process, make new friends and make amazing memories.

10 - Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself and your abilities, take chances and seize any opportunity that comes your way!

We have lost a year of experiences and it is time we make up for it. A new Pageant season brings new beginnings.


Until next time,

Lucy and the Pageant Land Girls


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