Miss Chepstow Mystic Beauty - Katelyn Peters - Finalist Interview

We spoke to Katelyn Peters to find out all about her, her work as Miss Chepstow Mystic Beauty and her passion for pageants.

What is your favourite thing about pageantry so far?

My favourite thing about pageantry is meeting new people and making lifelong friends.

Describe your personality in its full glory.

I’m bubbly, I would describe myself as unique, I always see the positive things in life. I am someone who would always try to make people laugh especially after a long shift, I try to be as energetic as possible.

What do you see as the important skills you can learn from pageantry?

For me a big important skill is confidence, I myself have learnt how to be confident from pageants and from the friendships I have made.

What qualities do you think a competitor needs to win a crown?

I believe they would need to be compassionate, passionate about their platform, approachable and quirky as we all need to be able to be unique and ourselves.

How would you explain Beauty Pageants to someone who has never experienced one?

Beauty pageants aren’t what you expect from there name. We all raise awareness for charities and platforms that our close to our hearts, we make lifelong friends and meet people you wouldn’t usually meet.

What is the most important thing you would do with your dream title?

I would like to let everyone know that you’ll get your chance, it isn’t constantly about beauty On the outside but beauty on the inside as well, but also raise more awareness about my chosen platform.

What is the most interesting thing the judges would need to know about you?

I am really quirky, but I follow my granddads dreams, he had dementia and had told me he had a range of dreams so I now do his dreams while raising money for dementia U.K. in his memory.

What does your system stand for and why is this important to you?

My system stands for acceptance for all no matter what.

Do you have a platform? Tell us about it.

My platform is raising awareness about dementia this is because my pops who brought me up had stage 3 vascular dementia caused by mini strokes, he passed away in 2018 and now I raise awareness about dementia and the different forms of dementia. I also help a care home raise awareness as well as funds for the residents of the home.

Would you like to represent the UK at an international pageant and why?

I would love to experience representing the U.K. at an international pageant. I see others representing the U.K. and it honestly seems amazing being able to travel the world representing our country.

Why do you want to enter a Beauty Pageant?

I enter beauty pageants because I love doing them. I love the experience I have while doing pageants and meeting the people I meet.

Tell us about any community and charity work you have done. Why did you choose the projects or charities you supported?

I currently have a summer ball in process in aid of the Samaritans and dementia U.K. I have also volunteered at the children’s hospital in Bristol because I love the work the children’s hospital does. I chose to support dementia U.K. because of losing my close relative to dementia and I want to let other families know that they aren’t alone and it’s okay to feel the way they do.

What does it mean to you to be a person of substance?

A person of substance is someone who has a lot of influence and for me is able to to raise a lot of awareness and are able to do a lot for charities.

What makes a person inspirational to you?

For me someone who has been through a lot but is still someone who chooses not to let it defeat them and still do what they can for things that mean the most to them.

What qualities/characteristics should a Queen have?

I think a queen should be confident, they should be compassionate, they should be passionate for what they believe in, I think they should also want to inspire younger and older generations.

Where is your happy place?

Right now my happy place is with my husband and my little dog, being able to be me without being judged. Just relaxing with each other while we have the time.

When did you last lie?

At work, I tried to not let an event affect me as much as it actually did. When asked if I was okay I told everyone I was when realistically it had hit me a lot harder than I’d let on.

What book do you recommend most to people?

I love the complete Harry Potter series, I am a complete potter head and I would gift my younger family members the series so they could read them.

What's the one thing you want to know before you die?

I want to know what it’s like to be truly happy without anything stopping it.

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