Miss Beauty UK Llanelli - Alisha Conde - Finalist Interview

This week the spotlight is on Alisha Conde, Miss Beauty UK Llanelli and a Miss Global Darling Finalist and found out all about her pageant life.

What is your favourite thing about pageantry so far?

Being able to bring more confidence in myself and to be able to make loads of friends.

Describe your personality in its full glory.

My personality is funny, cheerful and a very hard working person. I am a single mother to an amazing 9 month old son and all my for us is on him and being the best I can for him. I would like to see myself as more confident in doing stuff since I have been doing pageants with my sister and forgetting all the billing that was going on in the past and forcing on the future with my son.

What do you see as the important skills you can learn from pageantry?

The important skill that I have learnt since doing pageant is how to walk probably and being in different opportunities that come and appearances. Plus learning how to be a whole new different person inside when doing pageants.

What qualities do you think a competitor needs to win a crown?

The qualities that are needed to win a crown is to just be yourself and have confidence in your walk and the way you look when you are around the judges. They will also need to remember to smile and enjoy what you are doing.

How would you explain Beauty Pageants to someone who has never experienced one?

I will say it is an experience in itself, they get to learn new things and be who they really want to be. They get to see some amazing people and share their story to them about what they won or achieved.

What is the most important thing you would do with your dream title?

The most important thing to me when wearing a title is to always support people in need and being able to give and receive the love back from people.

What is the most interesting thing the judges would need to know about you?

The interesting thing the judge would need to know about me is that I am always up for laughs with people and the reason I am doing pageants will make you sad and maybe cry.

What does your system stand for and why is this important to you?

My system stands for people who are always doubting themselves. This is important because I want to make people see themselves the way others see them, I want them to forget the people who bully them and focus on what is ahead.

Do you have a platform? Tell us about it.

My platform is to help people who don’t like their bodies’ and I am also helping get homeless people off the street and into a nice warm place to sleep for the night or get them back on their feet with a job and a house they can call their own.

Would you like to represent the UK at an international pageant and why?

I don’t mind what I represent the UK as long as they are happy with what I am doing for the community in the pageant that is all that matters.

Why do you want to enter a Beauty Pageant?

I want to enter a beauty pageant because I want to bring more confidence in myself and show the people who are hiding that they can do it as well.

Tell us about any community and charity work you have done. Why did you choose the projects or charities you supported?

I have done a lot of charity work, one person that I volunteered with in the British heart foundation for 3 years. This was because it touched my heart when I lost someone to it. I am continuing to help the charity out, by raising money for them and giving to them.

What does it mean to you to be a person of substance?

To be a person of substance is great because I get to be able to show people the true meaning of being yourself.

What makes a person inspirational to you?

To make a person inspirational to me is when they commit to something and do it no matter what is going on around them. Plus also being supportive with what everyone is doing.

What qualities/characteristics should a Queen have?

Queens should be able to do everything in their power to be a person everyone will love and be the supporter for others that are around them.

Where is your happy place?

My happy place is either at home with my son or on stage doing a pageant with my pageant sister.

When did you last lie?

I have never lied in my life and I would like to keep it like that as well.

What book do you recommend most to people?

I can never recommend a book to someone as I have always told myself that if you really like the book yourself then get it for you but if you don’t then keep looking. But if I had to choose one it would be The Hidden Beach as it is a lovely story about a family going on a trip today.

What's the one thing you want to know before you die?

That’s a hard one to answer, but if I had to choose it would be if my son was having a child of his own, or what really happened in Diana’s death.

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