ITS CHRIISSSTTMAAAAS!!! Pageant Appearances at Christmas

There are so many amazing things about Christmas and there are so many amazing things about Beauty Pageants.. Just bare with me a minute guys, I promise this is leading somewhere...

There are so many amazing things about Christmas and there are so many amazing things about Beauty Pageants. So just imagine: Beauty Pageants. At Christmas!

See.. I told you it was leading somewhere

There are a plethora of opportunities for Pageant girls to get out and about in their community over the festive season!

There are Balls, Light switch-ons, Carnivals, Queen and Contestant events and Markets to attend. Granted, we don't have much freedom in the way of Appearances in this, the year of The Covid (*cough*margaret*cough*covid*cough*cough* - if you know, you know 😉)

so let’s take a look back on some of our favourite Festive Appearances.

Cue twinkly flashback jingle..

Get dressed up!

Pageant Land Founder, Jessica Barclay, visited over 40 children last year to read stories dressed as a Snow Queen followed by some carolling.

This is something, personally I had never thought of doing, but by God I wish I had (the reading, not the carolling - I sound like a strangled cat). There is nothing more lovely that capturing a child’s imagination especially at this time of year.

Get Active!

Why not look out for the opportunity to take part in a Santa dash, a fun run to raise money for charity while everyone is dressed up in their festive costumes! Miss Intercontinental Finalist, Marcie Reid, did just that in the lead up to Christmas Last year. Now I'm not one for running (except away from something, or towards food..) BUT this does sound like good fun!

Marcie also helped at a Shopping centre Charity Wrapping station. This is something that anyone can do! Why not find someone who is already doing this and offer to help or start your own little fundraising enterprise.

Get in the Community Spirit!

Last year, our very own Felicia was Santa’s 'not-so-secret' elf at her local Church after the elf they had booked was no longer able to make it and has helped out every year since! The children all said they wanted to be a tall elf some day. "I felt 10ft tall that day considering I'm only 5"2'". I have to say there is something appealing about being one of Santa's Elves for the day!

Get Festive!

In 2019 myself and Pageant Land's Dionne, were invited as special guests at the Orchard Centre Christmas Lights Switch-on as well as the main Taunton Town Centre Switch-on. This was AMAZING and I would highly recommend taking part in one if you ever get the chance. Despite the little embarrassing moment while on stage in front of thousands of people, it still remains my FAVOURITE EVER appearance. I wont go into detail now, but if you would like to know what happened, you can check out last week's blog post The Good, The Bad and The Not-so- Graceful.

Get Chilly!

Each year, on Christmas Day in the Vale of Glamorgan, over 1000 people take part in a 'Santa Swim'. Now this is something I have always wanted to try. However, I have never had the hoohaahs to follow through with it. It started in 1965 when a man dressed as Coco the Clown pushed a colleague, dressed as Father Christmas off the Pier. Ever since that day people have taken part, raising money for local charities all the while. These swims take place all over the country! Perhaps next year?

And don't forget to help others!

The Festive season is an amazing time to help others as it can be an extremely difficult time for a lot of people, whether that is financially, mentally or even physically. Reach out a hand and lend your ear to your neighbours.

After all, 'tis the season!

There are food bank drives, toy collections and clothing donations to take part in. We are extremely fortunate to lead the lives we do. So why not make the most of the time and effort you put into building your brand of Miss/Ms/Mrs/Classic etc. to pull together donations and fundraise this Christmas and embrace community spirit!

Smile, be happy and enjoy your Christmas Ladies... I think we all deserve it.

Until next time,

Lucy and the Pageant Land Girls


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