International Bikini Day 2021

It’s easy for us to say we are body confident, but for some the thought of strutting out on stage in front of 250 people fills us with anxiety about our body hang ups. I use the phrase “hang ups” because no matter your size or shape, we all have them.

So this national Bikini day (5th July) we want to share some tips on how you can truly feel that everybody is a bikini body and feel fantastic whether you are competing or just getting your body out on the beach.

#1 Eat Healthy – No we are not saying go on a diet. But eating a healthy well-balanced diet can help you feel great about yourself. As pageant girls, we are the epitome of a busy lifestyle. In addition to our normal daily lives, we are also driving miles up and down the country to support each other or compete, raising money for charity, volunteering in our communities or just working on our platforms. It is no surprise that you will often see a pageant girl with some form of takeaway or processed food in her hand at times like these. However Processed food can leave you feeling bloated due to the higher sodium level, not a feeling I for one enjoy on any day so can’t imagine you would want to feel like this on competition day. The resolution is to get into the practice of meal prepping. Even if it is just having some chopped vegetables in the fridge ready for dipping or using to cook. This small step will not only make your meals easier to prepare but also help you build on your 5 a day. Personally on days I compete I have fruit for breakfast and have snacks prepared for during the day like cold roast chicken pieces.

#2 Exercise! – going to be honest with you. I don’t believe many people enjoy going to the gym, but we do it to keep us healthy. Exercise not only will help you work towards any physical goals you have but also help with the stress we go through of competing. Exercising will help you feel, you love your body and just give you that extra confidence when you go on stage.

# 3 Look after your skin- This is one thing I wish my mother had taught me earlier in life (sorry mum). As tempting as it is to sleep in your makeup, that you have had it flawlessly done by the glam squad. Don’t. Leaving makeup on your face can increase and speed up the signs of aging. Use a gentle cleanser, a clean flannel and remember to tone and moisturise after.

My one big hang up is the skin on my legs. I am insecure about possibly having ingrown hairs or just bumpy looking legs. General tip, if you can afford waxing then do it! If you can’t and have a razor ensure you are exfoliating on a regular basis, this being after you shave and on days you don’t. Moisturise your whole body every day!

#4 Tan! Ok so it’s not mandatory for a pageant girl to wear tan on stage and there is even a positive rise at the moment for us a women to embrace the skin we are in and not wear it. However, the first 2 times I competed, I did not wear tan for swimwear and looking back at photos the light was reflecting off my almost purple legs. It was not a good look. You do not need to go dark, just a gentle glow, will help you feel confident on stage. I have tanned for every competition since and I think we all feel a little better with a summer glow (even if it’s fake).

#5 Choose swimwear that you feel good in! There is NO POINT in picking a bikini in a cut or colour just because you think it is fashionable that season. There is also nothing wrong with wearing a one piece, if your tummy is a slight insecurity, I wore swimwear which had support in it, just so I felt a little more secure. Have short legs? Go for something with a high thigh to elongate your legs and some nude heels. Wear a wrap if you want to cover up a little…. You can always take it off on stage if the mood takes you.

I hope these 5 short tips have helped you and remember you are a fabulous beautiful goddess! Go show it off!

Written By Hannah Travers