Guest Queen: Ellie Corcoran, Miss Junior Teen GB

Ellie Corcoran - Miss Jr Teen GB

An interview with a QUEEEN! Miss Junior Teen GB shares the story that lead her to the crown.

How many times did you compete for your title? I competed 3 times

What does your system stand for and why is this important to you? Miss Teen Great Britain prides itself on bringing young girls up and down the country together to build confidence and friendships! Through this incredible system I have made best friends, amazing memories and most importantly developed myself into the best version of me possible!

Can you tell me a bit about your chosen platform? My chosen platform is Be Confident Be You. It’s a platform and message I hold extremely close to my heart, empowering girls to embrace their natural selves and perfect imperfections. Confidence on the inside truly influences what other people see, beauty comes from within!

What do Beauty Pageants mean to you and how would you define them? Beauty pageants to me are a way to express yourself. Onstage and off! They are a time to work towards something, give back to your community and teach you so many lessons. They shape you into the person you are and into the best version of you!

When did you enter your first beauty pageant and why? I first entered Little Miss Teen Great Britain in 2017 when I was just 12! I did it to gain back my confidence that I lost when I first started high school. I also did it to meet some new people and just have fun!

Ellie Corcoran - Miss Jr Teen GB

What is something important you would tell a newcomer to Beauty Pageants? The most important piece of advice I would give a newbie is to take in every moment. The whole weekend at the pageant goes with in a blink of an eye, so please make sure you take some time to realise how far you’ve come and just enjoy it!

Did you have projects you saved for a crown, and do you think it is important to save projects for the crown? Definitely! I had a plan of what I wanted to do with my reign even before I won and I made sure the judges knew that in my interview. Holding such a prestigious title is a once in a life time opportunity so you might as well make the most of it! My main goal was to raise as much money for Tŷ Gobaith Children’s Hospice as possible and continue with campaigns, platforms and events.

What qualities do you think a competitor needs to win a crown? There is no set list that a crown holder needs but I definitely think that relatability and kindness are two qualities that will never go a miss! The judges are looking for a girl who can represent a whole system, someone who can make future finalists feel welcomed and a girl who is them self!

What is your opinion on swimwear rounds? From what I have heard, I think swimwear rounds can be empowering for so many women if they feel that the environment is safe and there is no judgment! However I do think that it should be optional for those who are not as confident in their skin. I have never competed in the round myself but personally I know I would relish it!

How would you explain Beauty Pageants to someone who has never experienced one? A bunch of like-minded, ambitious, intelligent and confident women cheering one another on in the best way possible! For me it built determination and kindness and has shaped me into the exact person I am today.

Can you tell me your funniest memory from Pageantry? It was the night after I won my title and myself, mum and some really good pageant friends were in the restaurant just laughing and laughing, doing tiktok trends and chatting away. My mum was doing her famous headstands on the bar floor and I kid you not I laughed that much I had abs the next day!!

Can you tell me your most embarrassing memory from Pageantry? It was the first year I competed and my best friend Jasmine had just been crowned Little Miss Teen Great Britain. I gave her a massive hug and my dress zip just went POP and split ON STAGE... so when this happened I literally wanted the ground to eat me up but at the same time it was hilarious.

Ellie Corcoran - Miss Jr Teen GB

What was running through your head when your name was announced as the winner? It’s funny actually, just before my name got announced I thought, it’s okay! And thats the thing that I realised seconds before I won, it’s okay if I don’t win - it just means that I get to do this all again next year! Of course when my name got called I was like “OMG all my hard work has paid off” 😂 Everything happens for a reason!!!

Do you think it is important for a National Beauty Pageant to lead to an International Beauty Pageant? Not at all. The title I hold didn’t lead to an international pageant and I am completely content with that. Of course it depends on what you would like to achieve out of competing and that will affect the system you chose to go with but it definitely is not everything! I would love to compete internationally one day, I know that it would be a fantastic way to meet people from around the world!

A Beauty Pageant newcomer has asked you where they can find help with all-things-pageant. Where would you recommend they go? Oh my gosh so many places! I absolutely adore The Dress Studio for all things pageant runway as well as Earring Envy for accessories! Another great website for appearance/interview clothes is ASOS and Chi Chi London. As for pageant training I will always recommend The Pageant Coaching Academy who helped me achieve my dream title.

Ellie Corcoran - Miss Jr Teen GB

Who is your Beauty Pageant inspiration? A beauty pageant inspiration of mine would have to be Nia Sanchez Miss USA 2014. During her reign as Miss USA she had some incredible outfits and did some amazing work volunteering and helping children and women through her massive platform that she once had.

Who are your top 5 queens and why? Zozibini Tunzi Miss Universe, Danielle Latimer Ms Galaxy UK, Misha Grimes Miss Teen Galaxy 2017, Olivia Culpo Miss Universe 2012 and Priyanka Chopra Miss World 2000. These queens I have and do look up to because they are all successful and have done amazing work with their titles.

What are your top 5 systems to watch? Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Wales, Galaxy Internationals and Miss/Teen USA are amazing!

Do you have sister queens? How does this impact your reign? Yes! I have two sister queens Yaz and Nancy, They both make this experience 10x better! I believe that this opportunity is once in a life time, so to have someone (or two) to share it with and relate with is one of a kind.

You can follow Ellie on Instagram @missjrteengb or check out the Miss Jr Teen GB on our Suppliers page

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