Guest Queeeen: Jasmine Pearce, Miss Teen Global Darling

What is your current title? Miss Teen Global Darling, Miss Global Darling Spokesmodel and Miss Global Darling Charity

How many times did you compete for your title? I competed once; unfortunately during 2020 our finals turned into a fantastic and fun filled virtual event!

What does your system stand for and why is this important to you? Miss Global Darling stands for changing the world we live in, one sash at a time by being the change we wish to see in the world. This drives forward so many goals to better the world we live in for everyone; a notion that is incredibly dear to me due to my chosen platforms.

Can you tell me a bit about your chosen platform? As I could never chose between two causes that are so incredibly dear to my heart, I created my two platforms ‘Embrace All Of You’, and ‘Today Saves Tomorrow’, with the help of CJB Pageantry. Embrace All Of You is a platform centred around raising awareness for invisible illnesses and disabilities. I began to suffer with anxiety during the final year of high school; I was bullied for having anxiety, which, although this realisation certainly did not happen straight away, it helped me see that so many don’t understand mental health illnesses. Additionally, after contracting

pneumococcal meningitis in 2005, I was left with blindness in my left eye, but I was also left with the knowledge that so many symptoms to meningitis are left unknown to so many. The knowledge of these symptoms can be the difference between life and death. In addition, those who suffer with meningitis are often left with debilitating illnesses and disabilities, but are ashamed of them. Embracing all of yourself is so important to build self love and acceptance, no matter what illnesses or disabilities you have. My second platform, Today Saves Tomorrow, is centred around keeping our planet clean, for our sakes and the sakes of the living animals we share our world with. This platform is in response to current events, to help clean our planet and aid in the restoration of many habitats over time.

What do Beauty Pageants mean to you and how would you define them? I would define Beauty Pageants as a celebration of the beauty that is held within; the common misconception that pageantry is artificial couldn’t be more incorrect, something I’ve witnessed first hand in the kindest and sincerity of other contestants and Queens. Beauty pageants helped me, and continue to do so, gain back the confidence I lost due to anxiety and bullying. Feeling so alone was a horrible feeling, but one that began to disappear when I was introduced to pageants. Everything they represent resonate strongly with me; they aim to life others up and create friendships that last a lifetime.

"a celebration of the beauty that is held within"

When did you enter your first beauty pageant and why? I entered my first pageant during the final year of high school when my confidence was at an all time low. My mum and I stumbled across a semi local one, and saw all the amazing comments from other girls who have competed before. We both decided that maybe this could be something that could help, and it most certainly did - I’ve never looked back!

What is something important you would tell a newcomer to Beauty Pageants? It’s so easy to overthink things; should I enter, should I wait, would people judge me, and so I. I’ve had all these thoughts myself and I know I’m not along in that. However, the people you will meet are some of the nicest, kindest girls/boys you will find. It’s easy to question yourself, but never question your worth or the people you might meet.

Did you have projects you saved for a crown, and do you think it is important to save projects for the crown?

I plan my projects in advance and, therefore, I don’t know whether I’ll be a finalist or possibly a Queen when these projects play out. Personally, while having a crown does enable a boost for your projects, I believe it’s important to still go for the endeavours that you’ve planned whether your have a crown or not; the charities or causes that the projects are in aid of will be incredibly grateful for any publicity/profit that arises from your projects.

"while having a crown does enable a boost for your projects, I believe it’s important to still go for the endeavours that you’ve planned whether your have a crown or not"

What qualities do you think a competitor needs to win a crown? I believe a competitor needs to have kindness, confidence in themselves, sincerity, graciousness, passion and also an element of vulnerability. I believe these attributes creates a strong role model for younger generations to look up to; a role model that shows strength but also that it’s okay to be vulnerable and lean on others from time to time.

What is your opinion on swimwear rounds? I believe swimwear rounds can be incredibly empowering for women to partake in. They portray body positivity and self love, two elements that aren’t promoted enough.

How would you explain Beauty Pageants to someone who has never experienced one? I would explain them as competitions promoting self confidence and self love, with the heart of them revolving around charities and aiding local communities.

"promoting self confidence and self love, with the heart of them revolving around charities and aiding local communities"

Can you tell me your funniest memory from Pageantry? My funniest memory has to be from my second pageant’s fun day before the finals. We had to fashion a crown from random bits and bobs - but one of the toilet rolls had a spider in it, honestly you’d think something absolutely terrible had happened from our screams! Once the spider had been removed, we giggled about it for ages afterwards.

Can you tell me your most embarrassing memory from Pageantry? I’m very lucky to not have an embarrassing memory, however I’m sure it’s coming! I’m a very clumsy and accident prone person, so I certainly don’t give it long before I trip on stage.

What was running through your head when your name was announced as the winner? Honestly, all that was going through my head was complete and utter gratitude. All the finalists were absolutely incredible, and all presented themselves like Queens throughout the lead up to the finals and on our e-finals day.

Do you think it is important for a National Beauty Pageant to lead to an International Beauty Pageant? I think it’s important to have a balance of finals that lead to an internationals and also purely national pageants. International pageants come with an added expense that is unrealistic for some, so it would be a shame for them to be unable to compete due to the costs. Additionally, if you’re a newcomer to national pageants, you may not want to think about an internationals yet and take time to improve yourself and find your grove in pageantry first.

A Beauty Pageant newcomer has asked you where they can find help with all-things-pageant. Where would you recommend they go? I would definitely recommend CJB Pageantry to pageant newcomers; Jane Charlotte’s CJB Pageantry is a free-to-join group where she really puts her all into aiding every member. There are also lots of offers of group events where we can all meet up and have fun together, however there’s never any pressure to attend them.

Who is your Beauty Pageant inspiration? My inspiration is definitely Madeline Delp from the USA; she refused to let her wheelchair define her and stop her chasing her dreams of becoming a Pageant Queen.

Who are your top 5 queens and why? My top 5 queens are definitely Harriotte Lane, Annie Morrow, Ashleigh Jade, Jane Charlotte, and Jen Atkin. All five of these Queens have shown incredible leadership skills, understanding, resilience and remarkable strength. They are true role models for any young girl to look up to as they grow up, but equally, to any young lady or woman as they establish their own path in life.

"these Queens have shown incredible leadership skills, understanding, resilience and remarkable strength"

What are your top 5 systems to watch? My favourite 5 systems to watch are definitely the UK Galaxy Pageant, Miss Teen Great Britain, Miss Earth, Miss Atlantic, and Royal International Miss.

Do you have sister queens? How does this impact your reign? I have the most incredible sister Queens - having them to share my journey with is a prize in itself! It’s making my reign all the more exciting and enjoyable.

Thank you to Jasmine Pearce, Miss Teen Global Darling, for taking the time to interview with Pageant Land Online!

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