Guest Contestant: Bailey Greenway, Miss Teen GB Finalist

Updated: Apr 12

Bailey Greenway, Miss Teen GB Finalist

Bailey Greenway will be competing in Miss Teen Great Britain in 2021. We asked her some questions about her favourite parts of UK pageantry and the lead up to the finals.

What is your favourite thing about pageantry so far? I love everything about it, but definitely choosing my outfits and getting to know the amazing girls.

Do you have a project you are saving for a crown, and do you think it is important to save projects for the crown? I do have a project that I am saving for a crown, it links with my platform of raising awareness for Parkinson’s but I would like to wait for a crown so that I can use my national title to really get my message out.

What qualities do you think a competitor needs to win a crown? I think that a competitor needs to have leadership qualities as they will be a big role model for a lot of girls, I also think they should be compassionate and respectful to lead a good example to other pageant girls.

How would you explain Beauty Pageants to someone who has never experienced one? I’ve had to do this a lot being a pageant newbie and no one in my area really knowing what it is about. I say pageants are about so much more than what’s on the outside, pageants are an empowering experience for women to come together as a family and use their voices on issues they feel strongly about through campaigns. Pageants are also about charity and working to give back to our communities. A girl won’t win because she is pretty on the outside, but because she is also pretty on the inside.

"pageants are an empowering experience for women to come together as a family and use their voices on issues they feel strongly about"

Bailey Greenway, Miss Teen GB Finalist

Can you tell me your funniest memory from Pageantry? My funniest pageant memory so far would have to be the Miss Teen Great Britain finalist zoom call, I said I wanted a micro pig and Olivia told us about how her “micro” pig turned into a huge pig!

Can you tell me your most embarrassing memory from Pageantry? Definitely entering one of Harriotte’s competitions after she had released a winner and I am sure once I have competed in my first pageant there will be many more.

What does your system stand for and why is this important to you? MTGB is about building a pageant family, I love this because all of the girls are so nice and we will create the best memories at the finals. Charity work is also part of the MTGB competition, I love doing charity work, so far I have raised £650 for Together for short lives and £100 for the black lives matter foundation, I love being able to give back to my community.

Do you have a platform? Tell us about it. My platform is about raising awareness about Parkinson’s disease. This is very close to home as my nan has Parkinson’s and when she was diagnosed I had no idea what Parkinson’s was. With my platform I want to educate other people as I don’t think Parkinson’s is a widely spoken about disease. I am currently working with the Parkinson’s UK charity as they are working to find a cure for Parkinson’s.

"I want to educate other people as I don’t think Parkinson’s is a widely spoken about disease"

Do you think it is important for a National Beauty Pageant to lead to an International Beauty Pageant? No I don’t think it is important, I think it is nice that there is a variety within the pageant industry so that we can find a system which is right for us.

Bailey Greenway, Miss Teen GB Finalist

What do beauty Pageants mean to you and how would you define them? I would define beauty pageants as a way of making friends and memories, but also a way of raising awareness for topics which aren’t often spoken about and raising money for charity.

Why do you want to enter a Beauty Pageant? I have wanted to enter a pageant since I was little. This year I was a prom ambassador for Melynda Jayne Boutique and I loved the glitz and glamour of the shoots, but when it came to an end I looked into pageants. I found MTGB and it not only looked glamorous but looked like such an amazing experience with amazing memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

Who is your Beauty Pageant inspiration? My beauty pageant inspiration is Ashleigh Wild. She shows that you can be a pageant girl and have brains! I also loved her campaign about acne as I think it was a really brave thing to do!

You can follow Bailey on Instagram @missteenwestmidlands2020 or check out her Sponsor here!

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