7 Tips For Deciding Your Swimwear

Updated: May 1

Ms Galaxy Dublin Dani Masterson reveals her top 7 tips when choosing your swimwear. Former Ms Worldwide 17/18 and Miss Elegance of the World 2019 Dani is competing next in Ms Galaxy Ireland.

  • Choose swimwear type appropriately.

Bikini, tankini, one-piece swimsuit, sarongs... so much to choose from. Some pageants require contestants to only wear bikinis while others will encourage contestants to wear a sarong. Do you research and choose appropriately?

  • Know your body shape.

Hourglass, pear, inverted triangle, apple, rectangle – know your shape. Embrace it and work with what you have. Accentuate curves, elongate legs or highlight a small waist. There is swimwear out there for all body shapes so choose what best fits you and compliments your shape.

  • Colour

Choose colours that suit you. If you have a pale skin tone choose strong, deep colours. Bright colours look great on darker skin tones. Some pageants require contestants to wear the same colour. You can still work with your skin tone and find the best shade and material that looks best on you.

  • Wear it

Wear your swimwear before the pageant. Get comfortable in how it feels. Figure out if you need to double tie the halter neck or side ties. Practice if you are using a sarong and also in the shoes you will be wearing.

  • Ask a professional

Ask the shop attendant what they think. They have seen all shapes and sizes and will know how to enhance your features.

  • Make it your own

Once you find your perfect swimwear piece, make it your own. Accessories with jewellery and extra material. This will highlight your individuality and you don’t have to worry if someone has something similar.

  • Confidence

Confidence is the key. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Practice, practice, practice. It's tempting to quicken up your pace in speed with the music as you would on the runway but slow down. The judges want to see you and what you have to offer. Your walk should be even and smooth. Most importantly, don’t forget to smile.

Written by Dani Masterson