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Not every pageant contestant or queen has a platform. Some come into pageantry to promote their platform, some discover their platform along their pageantry journey and others choose not to have one. Having a platform is a great way to get purpose from pageantry that is bigger than just yourself. We share lots of advice around finding, forming and promoting your platform on the podcast, or if you are really ready to take it to the next level you should book onto our one to one program - Purpose From Pageantry. Together we will plan and build a platform fit for a true Queen's legacy. We will also make sure that your platform can reach beyond the bubble of the pageant community, which is vital when looking to make a big impact.

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Running your own platform can be a lot of work and time, so why not consider joining forces with a fellow pageant lady and building a platform together.  If you're excited to be building your own platform, then make sure you do some research about similar platforms. Check out our database below, ask around the pageant community, speak to your coach or system director. There is nothing wrong with promoting awareness around the same subject, but you want to make sure you are finding a unique "selling" point.  For more ideas on this check out our podcast or book onto the Purpose From Pageantry program

Saving lives one heart at a time!

Run By Chloe Rose Adkin

The purpose of my platform is to create awareness for heart disease; Heart disease includes conditions that narrow or block blood vessels (coronary heart disease). This can lead to a heart attack, angina and some strokes. Heart disease also covers conditions that affect your heart's muscle, valves or cause abnormal rhythms (arrhythmias). I also aim to encourage everyone to begin to take steps to create a healthier lifestyle by adding simple steps into their everyday routine which will in turn reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease.

I chose my platform because a few years ago my grandad suffered from a heart attack, he was very fortunate to make a full recovery. After being dismissed from the hospital he was instructed to attend a ‘cardiac gym’ which offers outpatients lifestyle advice, exercise classes and diet advice to guide them into a healthier lifestyle to prevent such events from recurring. Ever since this event, I have been supporting the British Heart Foundation and have raised over £1000.

You can reach me at:


Talking Still

Raising awareness and support for baby loss.

Run By Aimee-Louise McLoughlin

The purpose of my platform is to raise awareness and offer support to those and an output to share the story of their losses.

I chose my platform because my mum unfortunately has lost 2 babies and we have experienced some great support networks which I have found aren’t available for every parent and family which deeply upset me.

You can reach on Instagram @aimeelouiseofficial_

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Boob Chats with Jade

Check your boobs and pecs.

Run By Jade Dando

The purpose of my platform is to raise awareness for boob and pec checking in all genders. Breast cancer can affect any gender and any ages so it’s viral to get to know your body and find out what your normal is. Checking isn’t about looking for cancer it’s about knowing your body.

I chose my platform because I truly believe in the cause. Coppafeel inspired me to spread the message far and wide. After finding my own lump, I can relate even more to the importance of checking yourself.

You can reach on Instagram @jadedando_beautyqueen

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The Outdoor Avengers

On a mission to inspire healthy living through the outdoors.

Run By Nadia king

The purpose of my platform is to inspire, encourage and equip people with the knowledge and information to get outdoors and to be healthy, joining you on your outdoor experiences!

I chose my platform because I wanted to share my knowledge of the outdoors and to help and inspire the people who may be unable to do so. Also to create a social group for al ages who love the outdoors. We are ‘The Outdoor Avengers’, no we are not all superhero’s but we are all outdoor lovers!

You can reach out on Instagram @Missnadiaking

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Stamp Out The Hate

Let's tackle discrimination and promote positivity.

Run By Angel Ezeadum

The purpose of my platform is to tackle discrimination and hate crime. In turn, I will also be promoting more positivity to reinforce that we need to spread love and not hate. One of the ways I will achieve my platform's purpose is through education and awareness as lack of knowledge is a major cause of discrimination. I have created short, simple 'How To' guides which entail advice, such as 'How To: Be A Better Ally' in order to tackle discrimination and promote a more inclusive and understanding environment. I will also achieve my platform's purpose through hearing people's experiences with discrimination. I have interviewed many pageant girls here in the UK and abroad in my series called 'Behind the Queens' to share their stories with the aim that people will speak up if they have experienced something similar or will hopefully just empathise and show support.

I chose my platform because as a young black girl I have experienced discrimination mainly due to my gender and race. This is something that I wouldn't wish anyone to go through and so I have been a strong advocate for this cause. In addition, as a Member of the Youth Parliament I have campaigned passionately for tackling discrimination to be addressed by the government and I have been fortunate enough to speak on news programmes such as BBC, ITV and Sky News about this topic and similar. I was actually a part of the team that had Black History made mandatory in Welsh schools this year! Pageantry is increasingly becoming more diverse, however I still believe that there is more work to do to ensure that we reach and maintain a fair and equal representation of all types of women on all types of stages. My platform enables me to advocate for my important cause to a pageant audience and I have also shown that I am able to do this on a nationwide scale too. My aim is to now take this internationally, which I believe pageantry can enable me to do so.

You can reach on Instagram @angel.pageants

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Run By Sheri Harvey

The purpose of my platform is to educate people about the affects of being a Young Carer has on their childhood.

I chose my platform because at the age of 4 I became a registered Young Carer and felt very isolated. I struggled through school and to connect to my peers due to having to grow up so quickly. I wouldn’t wish that on another young person.

You can reach on Instagram @Caring4Childhood

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Protecting Women’s Safety

Run By Sarah Kana-ah

Empowering survivors of abuse through basic self-defence techniques, and educating around healthy boundaries and relationship red flags.

The purpose of my platform is to empower female survivors of abuse through basic self-defence techniques. Helping build back that inner strength, self identity and confidence which had been taken away from them by the perpetrator. With increased self worth and self esteem, this will help reduce the chances of survivors going back to the same cycle of abuse.

I chose my platform because I unfortunately experienced a domestic violence relationship when I was a child. After learning self-defence and learning about healthy boundaries and how to spot red flags in relationships, this has slowly helped build back my own inner strength and self esteem. I now set healthy boundaries and have a clear line to what is ok for me and what is not. I now have made it my mission and lifelong goal to help survivors of abuse and prevent them from repeating the same type of relationships. If I can be stronger and get through what I went through, I can help empower others to be unstoppable and become the best version of themselves.

You can reach on Instagram @Ms_somerset



Spreading awareness on the the non physical types of domestic abuse.

Run By Cheniel Henderson

The purpose of my platform is to share with others on the different types of abuse, and really putting a spotlight on non-physical abuse as it often missed. Main purpose is women know that they’re not alone in their experiences and that there are places that they can ask for help. Tips to help someone they know that may be going to abuse and how to stop the signs.

I chose my platform because it’s very personal to me. I grew up in a home where domestic abuse was present and didn’t fully understand the situation until I was much older and got more educated about it. I believe it’s really important that we speak up on domestic abuse as many still think it’s a taboo subject, the more we speak on it is the more aware we’ll become. The last year has been tough on domestic abuse victims as they were in lockdown with the perpetrators with nowhere to go, now more than ever it shows how important it is to be more aware and know how to help or where you can get help.

You can reach out on Instagram @officialcheniel



Promote inclusiveness and individuality.

Run By Annabel Rhodes

The purpose of my platform is to raise awareness, teach Makaton, share me experiences, I am a registered nurse in learning disabilities and advocate for those who lack capacity.

I chose my platform because I think it’s important to make people aware of how to promote and be inclusive.

You can reach out on Instagram @mrscountydurham

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Raise money and awareness for Mental Health

Run By Lisa Rooney

The purpose of my platform is to encourage girls all over the world to do whatever it is they want to do and don’t let others discourage you! I also wish to use my voice and inspire younger girls to know that’s it’s ok not to be ok and to speak about how they feel! I would recommend pageants to all girls for every walk of life as the life lessons and friendships you gain from it are beneficial in life! Although the media sometimes gives pageants a bad reputation I set out to prove these labels wrong and show just how amazing pageants are.

I chose my platform because it is something that means a lot to me personally. Mental health is something that is a continuous problem in my age group and younger. The age of people suffering from mental health problems is getting lower and lower therefore more awareness needs to be put on this topic.

You can reach out on Instagram @Missworldir

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Baby Loss Support / Awareness

A guiding light in the storm of baby loss. A support to Mother’s who may lose their way.

Run By Amber Goddard

The purpose of my platform is to support Mothers of loss and make their experience valid whether they lose their child at 4 weeks or 2 days after birth. My main aim is to raise funds for the £100,000 specialist Bereavement Unit at my local hospital to give more well-rounded care to all women who have lost their baby.

I chose my platform because I have personally been shaken by the loss of a child and it was a long road to recovery, both physically and mentally. The help women receive is very much a postcode lottery. I believe that every pregnancy matters! Every loss should be grieved whatever gestation the baby is! Every baby matters! I found that the clinical terminology etc surrounding loss is very cold and scientific and babies are not legally recognised until they reach viability which is 24 weeks. I lost my son Mylo at 22 weeks plus 3 days and in my notes, he was recorded as a “late miscarriage”. I want every woman to know that her baby matters. During my loss in 2017, the facilities were not quite as good as they could be. Luckily there was one suite available away from the rest of the birth ward and it was such a blessing but I aim to make the experience of loss at my local hospital as comfortable and comforting as possible.

You can reach Amber at


Ear 4 You

Empathetic ears for minds that matter.

Run By Nicole Anderson

The purpose of my platform is to ensure everyone who takes that first scary but brave step to ask for help gets the support that they need and deserve, tailored to the individual and their specific needs.

I chose my platform because we have come on leaps and bounds in terms of mental health awareness, now it's time to focus on the next step and make sure there is enough help and enough variety for everyone who seeks it. 

You can reach out on Instagram @Ear.4.You

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Living By Ellie

I believe in the 3 E’s. Education, Eco-Living, and Environmental Protection

Run By Ellie Daglish

The purpose of my platform is to educate our communities that even the smallest changes can make a huge difference. I want to achieve this through my new luxury second hand shopping experience, called Ellie’s Ethical Wardrobe, which focuses on pageant girls and allowing them to buy, swap or sell their pageant wear with queens across the world. I further want to educate others through my volunteering and work within schools and after school clubs, teaching them about the environment and how crucial it is that we take action to protect it.​

I chose my platform because I have always been passionate about the environment, and education has always been close to my heart. I want people to understand that the smallest changes in everyday life can make the biggest impact on the environment and save the Earth.

You can reach out on Instagram @livingbyellie

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