UK Pageant Coaches

Whether this is your first for twenty first pageant, coaching is always a worthwhile investment.  We are very lucky to have a great variety of coaches in the UK. Make sure you visit the podcast for our episodes on selecting a coach, working with coaching and even some interviews with a selection of our UK coaches.

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Sparkles &


Founded in 2017 by Hannah Golding who has ten years experience in the pageant industry including regionals, nationals and internationals. We offer Face to Face pageant coaching where we go over walks, posture, outfit choices and much more. We also offer online coaching in which we specialise in Pageant Interview and Platform building. We created the very first pageant guide in the UK called, "The Pageant Manual" and now sell "The Ultimate Pageant Handbook" over 350 pages covering everything you need to know about pageantry within the UK. We also do video interviews, host a podcast , as well as sell pageant workbooks to give you that extra advantage when stepping onto that stage.

Swindon and online.

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With Chloe

Chat With Chloe is the interview coaching service founded and run by Chloe Lake. Chloe works to provide an affordable, accessible and quality service to her clients, focusing largely on the interview portion of competition. Chloe also offers advice and preparation around platform shaping, tips for social media, and preparation for other off-stage areas of competition. In just one year, Chloe has established herself as a reputable interview coach, and has trained a number of national titleholders. Chloe works closely with her clients to ensure their personal goals are measured and met, and that they feel prepared for their respective competitions.

Across the UK and online.

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Pageant Land Coaching

We offer three main programs Pageant Game Plan - setting up your plan of action for competing in your pageant, Purpose From Pageantry - which is a deep dig into your platform and charity work, and lastly Social Media For Pageant Ladies, which is run by a full time social media expert. More details on all these can be found here. We also offer 30 minute public speaking coaching. 


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Crown Coach

The Crown Coach provides online and face to face coaching to help you prepare for your next pageant. Harriotte is one of the UK’s and Europe’s most successful beauty queens. A former national title holder of Miss Teen Great Britain, Miss Teen Galaxy England and Miss International U.K., Harriotte also went on to be crowned in Japan at the Miss International finals as 4RU. After investing in coaching training and working with some of the worlds biggest names in Pageantry she shares what it takes to be the very best you.

Various locations, overnight camps and online.

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Mental Training

We are a pageant coaching business that specializes in helping pageant contestants have a mental edge at their pageant. Our coaching helps our clients feel more positive, confident, focused, and able to manage nerves effectively.


We also offer coaching in the following areas: interview/onstage question, runway walking, and platform development. Our coaching is all about empowering and preparing our clients to do their best at their pageant.

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Queen Academy offers individually tailored stage and interview coaching sessions; as well as consultancy on styling, social media, appearances and charity work, pageant paperwork, platform development, and gaining sponsorships online or face-to-face. Pageants aren’t just a hobby, if approached in the right way they build great strength and are a root for personal growth. Train with me to not only improve your walk and talk so you feel most confident in all aspects of your pageant, but to find your why and take a journey of personal development along the way.

Across the UK and online.

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The Pageant

Coaching Acadamy

Pageant Coaching Services for all ages

Chester and online.

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House Of Pageantry

House of Pageantry is an organisation that was born out of our founders need and want to give back to her community through the things she understood and realised in pageantry. We coach, develop and mentor you to get ready for your journey. Whether you are entering your first pageant or you have been on the journey to the crown; our services will develop you for the pageant stage and beyond

Online & mainly London.

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This Is Me

Pageant Coach

The Only Official Miss Great Britain Pageant Coach & Mentor for finalists taking part in Miss, Ms & Classic Great Britain. Specialising in 1-1 personal coaching with options to suit all finalists. From interview training to personal development & runway, my coaching is very specific to you. All coaching plans are designed to give you as much confidence & preparation ahead of the finals, whilst focusing on you staying true to yourself at all times! Hence the name “This Is Me” - it’s all about YOU & showing up as your highest self!

Online & 1-1 in person coaching across the UK.

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