The Pageant Land started in in 2019 and the team formed in June 2020, when the podcast hit its third season. Our aim is to encourage growth within UK pageant contestants and the UK industry as a whole. We support and promote all systems, suppliers, Queens and contestants within the UK pageant industry. 


We are predominately a not for profit with many of our services free of charge. We want to make sure that Pageant Land is financially self-sustaining and can stand the test of time so we do offer a few paid services and products, where all the funds raised go back into maintaining and growing Pageant Land.* This means that when you buy a product or book coaching with us you are helping to keep Pageant Land going.


We have a whole host of things planned over the coming months and years, but if you have any ideas on how we can support the UK industry please do reach out via email.


The team was chosen to include a wide variety of systems, skills, knowledge and experience. We wanted to make sure we had a variety of viewpoints and represented the UK industry as best we can. Read more about each of the team below.


*Please note that Pageant Land Fitness, although under the same brand is run financially as a separate business.

Cheniel Henderson

Cheniel Henderson.jpeg

Instagram Live & Reel Coordinator

My name is Cheniel Henderson. I'm a born Jamaica living in London. I started pageants in 2014, where I competed in Miss Jamaica UK, that open many opportunities to travel internationally. 


Over the years I’ve competed in a range of different systems and coordinated and mentored in a number of cultural pageants along the way. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Outside of pageants, I’ve worked in hospitality for many years and absolutely love meeting new people. I’m currently working in a Professional women Club with some phenomenal women! 

My platform and something I’m very passionate about supporting women and families that have gone through or going through domestic abuse and spreading awareness of the signs.

Dionne John

Dionne John.jpg

Queen’s Table Coordinator

Dionne started her pageant journey in 2016 and has never looked back. What Dionne loves the most about pageants is the amazing friends she has made and the confidence it has given her over the years. As well as wearing as much sparkle as possible of course, "I mean who doesn't love going dress shopping right" During her time as Mrs Somerset she has worked for various charity organisations and has raised in total £8,500 to date. The charities include The Christie, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and St Margarets to name a few. Dionne has competed in the UK Galaxy Pageants for four consecutive years and placed 1st runner up this year 2020, also she has won three side awards Mrs Congeniality, Mrs Publicity, Best interview and attended 190 public appearances such as firewalls, Skydives and her ultimate favourite - switching on the Xmas lights. Dionne is also a singer/songwriter and has put her two biggest passions together and has created Pageant's Got Talent, where pageant girls from all systems get to sing their own favourite song to win a place on an original charity single for The Christie. Dionne is so excited about joining the Pageant Land team and cant wait to start another exciting journey.

Becky Farran

Becky Farran.jpg

Instagram Coordinator

Becky started her pageant journey in 2019 when competing for Ms Galaxy UK and was successful by placing top ten. Already having a passion for charity work and a background in performing, pageants have certainly become the next life goal for Becky.  


She enjoys travelling around the world for volunteer programmes but during this lockdown she has thrown herself into online campaigns and fundraising which has connected her more with local charities in Lancashire.  Becky is excited to have a new title as Ms Lancashire Atlantic 2020/21 which has motivated her further on this pageant journey.  


Becky takes pride in her role as a volunteer ambassador with Dementia UK and recently becoming a Street Angel for the homeless organisation based in Blackpool.  Since being diagnosed bipolar, Becky advocates for health and wellness whilst continuing to learn how a positive mindset can help overcome challenging times.

Amber Goddard

Amber Goddard.png

Blog Coordinator


My passions are writing (I competed a BA in English Literature with Philosophy and Ethics), mindfulness, life long learning and meeting wonderful, like minded people to engage and inspire! So that is why I am here!


My platform is Baby Loss Awareness, having sadly experienced a late miscarriage at almost 22 weeks gestation. My messsage is that we should not be afraid to say our babies names and that all babies matter. I have been shocked at the disparity in care surrounding baby loss and joining in all possible campaigns to help the government achieve a 50% stillbirth reduction rate by 2025!


My pageant experience is short, but my life experience has been instrumental in becoming the aspiring Queen I am today. I reside in the beautiful South West where there is limited pageant activity so looking forward to being a driving force for more action in and around Devon & Cornwall. I pride myself on my honesty, integrity and crazy schemes! I look forward to solidifying the varied and beautiful UK Pageant community.

Could This Be You?

Image by Sincerely Media

SEEKING an Admin CoordinatorFacebook Coordinator, PR Coordinator & Newsletter Coordinator

We are accepting applications to join the team. To apply click on the link below and fill out your details. If you are suitable for the role we need to fill you will be invited to attend a zoom interview, so we can fully explain everything that is involved. Before you accepting. I'll be honest we work really hard behind the scenes so we want to make sure you are fully aware and able to commit to it properly. 

Click here to apply. Your answers will be kept private within the current team members.