The Pageant Land started in in 2019 and the team formed in June 2020, when the podcast hit its third season. Our aim is to encourage growth within UK pageant contestants and the UK industry as a whole. We support and promote all systems, suppliers, Queens and contestants within the UK pageant industry. 


We are predominately a not for profit with many of our services free of charge. We want to make sure that Pageant Land is financially self-sustaining and can stand the test of time so we do offer a few paid services and products, where all the funds raised go back into maintaining and growing Pageant Land.* This means that when you buy a product or book coaching with us you are helping to keep Pageant Land going.


We have a whole host of things planned over the coming months and years, but if you have any ideas on how we can support the UK industry please do reach out via email.



The team was chosen to include a wide variety of systems, skills, knowledge and experience. We wanted to make sure we had a variety of viewpoints and represented the UK industry as best we can. Read more about each of the team below.


*Please note that Pageant Land Fitness, although under the same brand is run financially as a separate business.

Cheniel Henderson

My name is Cheniel Henderson. I'm a born Jamaica living in London. I started pageants in 2014, where I competed in Miss Jamaica UK, that open many opportunities to travel internationally. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Over the years I’ve competed in a range of different systems and coordinated and mentored in a number of cultural pageants along the way. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Outside of pageants, I’ve worked in hospitality for many years and absolutely love meeting new people. I’m currently working in a Professional women Club with some phenomenal women! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
My platform and something I’m very passionate about supporting women and families that have gone through or going through domestic abuse and spreading awareness of the signs.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Jessica Barclay

I'm Jessica, aged 34, the founder of Pageant Land Online, host of the Pageant Land Podcast, coach at Pageant Land Coaching, a personal trainer and sports nutritionist. I've been involved in pageantry since 2014 and through it promote my platform of Goal Getters, helping women who feel stuck achieve their goals. I love fundraising for a variety of charities and promote my two campaigns #realfaceofpageantry, showing what it really takes to be a pageant lady and #carewhatyouconsume, encouraging people to consider the impact of what they consume on themselves and the world at large.


I have a little daughter called Felicity and we currently live in London but moving next summer out to the country. I have set up a number of successful businesses in both fitness and hospitality and now uses these skills to help women prepare for their pageants and promote their platforms. I love adventures of the fitness variety but I am mainly a home bunny, with cuddles on the sofa being my happy place. 

Jessica holds a recent DBS check.

Becky Farran

Becky started her pageant journey in 2019 when competing for Ms Galaxy UK and was successful by placing top ten. Already having a passion for charity work and a background in performing, pageants have certainly become the next life goal for Becky.  


She enjoys travelling around the world for volunteer programmes but during this lockdown she has thrown herself into online campaigns and fundraising which has connected her more with local charities in Lancashire.  Becky is excited to have a new title as Ms Lancashire Atlantic 2020/21 which has motivated her further on this pageant journey.  


Becky takes pride in her role as a volunteer ambassador with Dementia UK and recently becoming a Street Angel for the homeless organisation based in Blackpool.  Since being diagnosed bipolar, Becky advocates for health and wellness whilst continuing to learn how a positive mindset can help overcome challenging times.

Chloe-Rose Adkin

 I’m 19 years of age and based in Nottingham! 

I started my pageant journey in 2016 and haven’t stopped since, I definitely caught the pageant bug! I’ve competed in Miss England, Miss/Miss Teen Galaxy UK and I’m the reigning Miss Pageant Girl Nottingham with the hopes of becoming Miss Pageant Girl UK 2020/21! 

For me, pageantry is all about lifting women up and being their biggest cheerleader! I see myself as being a smiley face in a crowded room that you know you can always come and stand/chat with! My aim within the PageantLand Online Team, is to help support all you amazing UK pageant girls with your journeys, weather that be sharing tips ‘n’ tricks, appearance opportunities or even campaigns for you to get involved with! 

I am a full-time Teaching Assistant, my job is to help children reach their full academic potential ready for secondary school. 

Hannah Travers

I have been competing in pageants since 2017.  Winning Woman Crown & Glory England, Mrs Crown & Glory UK World and my Current title of Young European International Ms.  As part of winning the title of Mrs Crown & Glory UK World, I also won the opportunity to compete in Mrs World UK final.  After competing and being involved for the years after my reign I am now one of the directors for Crown & Glory European Pageants.


My Platform for YEMI and life in general is to inspire girls to have a Holistic approach to wellness.  I do this through my new blog Fit for a Queen and practicing what I preach to ensure I am being a good role model for others. I am studying nutrition so that I can provide accurate advice to anyone who asks me or may read my blog. 


I am also involved in Sparkles and Rhinestones, interviewing girls at pageants up and down the country.

Dionne John

Dionne started her pageant journey in 2016 and has never looked back. What Dionne loves the most about pageants is the amazing friends she has made and the confidence it has given her over the years. As well as wearing as much sparkle as possible of course, "I mean who doesn't love going dress shopping right" During her time as Mrs Somerset she has worked for various charity organisations and has raised in total £8,500 to date. The charities include The Christie, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and St Margarets to name a few. Dionne has competed in the UK Galaxy Pageants for four consecutive years and placed 1st runner up this year 2020, also she has won three side awards Mrs Congeniality, Mrs Publicity, Best interview and attended 190 public appearances such as firewalls, Skydives and her ultimate favourite - switching on the Xmas lights. Dionne is also a singer/songwriter and has put her two biggest passions together and has created Pageant's Got Talent, where pageant girls from all systems get to sing their own favourite song to win a place on an original charity single for The Christie. Dionne is so excited about joining the Pageant Land team and cant wait to start another exciting journey.

Felicia Vundla

I’m passionate about empowering women and giving others a platform to shine and I knew that Pageant online wanted to do something amazing I am a female empowerment Coach running Beta 2 Alpha Ladies creating this business showed me the power of women and how with the right support and platform we can all flourish.


I love creating and running campaigns such as #sunnysideup, #pawsoffcampaign and #PFJ I have competed in Miss England Derby Heat, Miss Teen Great Britain, Galaxy and the UK Power Pageant (which at the time crowned for Miss intercontinental, Miss Grand Miss International and Miss Supermodel UK). Although I still have one final [ageant up my sleeve I’m getting ready for the next chapter of my life which is helping other women (and men) become the best versions of themselves. 

Lucy King

I’m Lucy, full time pageant enthusiast and chief blogger for Pageant Land Online.


My first big pageant was Miss Galaxy UK 2019 with only 2 weeks to prepare. I didn’t place but the feeling I got on stage was exhilarating! I then returned to Galaxy in 2020 after trying out a couple Charity pageants, placed in the top 12 AND won Miss Congeniality. 


Getting hooked on the Pageant Land Bug doesn’t take long!


My aim in the Pageant World is to beat negative stereotypes and breed positivity and belief in ourselves. 

Heather Jordan

I’m Heather, aged 22 and I am a Staffordshire Pageant Girl. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I began my pageant journey in 2017 and have grown and developed into the woman and role model I want to be. I have competed in Miss Prom Supermodel Staffordshire which I held the title for at my first ever pageant. I have also competed in Miss British Isles, Miss Galaxy U.K. and I am the current Miss Staffordshire International to win my dream title of Miss International U.K. 2021/2022! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Pageantry to me is the unity of women. It is a huge family of sisters who cheer each other on, provide support and positivity. I’m always here to provide support, guidance and be a role model for many girls and women. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
As well as pageants I am the founder of ‘Don’t Stand By, Stand Up’ providing discreet help and support to Domestic Violence survivors. I am also an advocate for mental health and well being by providing coaching sessions to young women.

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