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Welcome to Pageant Land Online, a hub for all things relating to the UK pageant industry. Discover the wonderful pageant community, learn new skills, find pageants, appearances and supplies, plus much more. We a passionate about pageantry and believe it offers women an amazing skill set that we really need in today's society. 

We are currently in the process of building this site and collecting content. To make this a true collection of all things UK pageantry we need your help. We would love you to submit content in a range of areas as detailed below.

Supplies - If you provide a product or services aimed at the pageant industry, please CLICK HERE to submit your details to be listed on our site. This is free of charge.

Systems - If you are a national or international pageant system , please CLICK HERE to submit your details to be listed on our site. This is free of charge.

Reviews - If you would like to submit a review on a system, service or product in the pageant industry, please CLICK HERE. This is free of charge and anonymous, but you will need to provide "proof of purchase". This could be a photo of you at the system or using the item etc. Photos will not be shown.

Blog - We are looking to feature a range of voices in our blog. We are accepting submissions on your journey, your platform  an area of expertise or an interview with a current titleholder. If you have an idea for a piece please use this contact section to reach out or if your a current title holder or contestant who would like to be features in a profile piece please use the follower links:

Current title holder CLICK HERE

Contestant CLICK HERE



I’ve been in the pageant industry for 5 years, but I’m still surprised by how little advice there is out there and especially how hard it is to find when you first discover pageantry. Even more so when you narrow it down to UK pageantry. There are some amazing UK coaches, but that can seem a bit overwhelming or even out of many people’s budgets. I wanted to create easily digestible content to help all pageant ladies, no matter how far along they are in their journey.


In the Pageant Land Podcast we discuss a wide range of subjects that are all apart of pageantry. Case studies, expert interviews, true stories from the trenches, plus you will get to meet a whole host of fabulous pageant ladies and discover the many systems the UK has to offer. I don’t know everything, but if you’ve got a question about pageantry I’m going to find you the answer. 



Pageant Land Coaching was designed to help you make the most of your time in pageantry and truly give it purpose. Whether this is your first pageant and you want to approach it properly to get the most from it or you have been at it a while and want to add much more depth, purpose and personal growth to your journey, we are here to help. We offer two types of session Pageant Game Plan & Purpose From Pageantry.


More details on both can be found at www.pageantlandcoaching.com. Sessions are currently only offered online via video chat and all bookings start with a free 30-minute discovery call. If you wish to apply to be coached by Pageant Land Coaching please CLICK HERE, but I would recommend reading the website first.



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